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11th NSF Funded POSSE!

March 31, 2019

The foss2serve team hosted the 10th NSF-funded POSSE (Professors’ Open Source Software Experience) workshop in January in NYC.  A huge “Thank You” to the folks at John Jay College for hosting and to Susan Imberman for getting us started and helping with all of the arrangements. The 11th POSSE is planned for Philadelphia, PA, June 17-19. Join us if you can!

When I started with HFOSS (Humanitarian FOSS) in 2006,  I had no idea how student engagement  in HFOSS would impact both faculty members and students.  Since then, I have seen both instructors and students be excited, motivated and generally get hooked by the ability to “do good” via open source.  I’m delighted to be part of a group that shows others how to support student learning in HFOSS. And I’m amazed that we are hosting our eleventh NSF-funded POSSE workshop!


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