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Out of the starting gate…

September 18, 2010

The adventure continues! We’ve formed teams of three or four and we’re learning the GNOME A11y community via participation in the A11y list and IRC. Each team has an installation of Caribou. We’re still struggling to get a stable installation of virtual machines in the lab, but students have been successful in installing Caribou on laptops. Our next job is to write up the requirements for Caribou. We’ll be taking some existing documentation as well as help from the GNOME A11y community and creating a more formal set of requirements that will hopefully more clearly define the functionality of Caribou.

I’ve been very much enjoying the folks I’m meeting on GNOME A11y. The community has been very supportive, reaching out to offer help. And the students are great. They’re digging in and I’m learning from them. I admit to struggling with the acronyms that fly by. So much to learn and not understanding one acronym can make it impossible to understand the rest of a conversation. But what fun! This is the most fun I’ve had teaching a course in a long time! It feels like I’m doing something real that has immediate impact.

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